Hello and welcome to my collection of my Mah Jongg sets on a few very simple pages ...

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You won't find any "flash" graphics or anything like that here - that wasn't my object.
The object of this exercise is to make some photos of my Mah Jongg collection available to anyone who might be interested.
It originated as a means of sharing my collection with a friend overseas who also collects, and as my collection grew, so did this site and I eventually added some notes per set... hence how simple it has remained, without any special effects or anything like that.

I should probably mention that the collection is aimed at being as eclectic as possible. MJ sets are not generally cheap, so I opted for a more varied collection of different substances and patterns, than of high-quality, expensive sets.

The collection is also not presented in any special order other than (more or less), the order in which I acquired them and/or got to add them to the site. (It's too small to need any classification, anyway).

If you have any comments or questions, or if you can add some information about any of the sets, maybe notify me of any typos or broken links, please drop me a line.

Oh and I almost forgot: there aren't any links, here, to Mah Jongg sites - there are plenty to be easily found on the Web and other people are already maintaining lists of interesting sites better than I would (and more attractive sites too).

Having said that, I'd like to briefly mention the Usenet newsgroup rec.games.mahjong - it's a mine of interesting information and topics and discussion and frequented by genuine and established experts and generally friendly people. Unfortunately it is a very underused resource!

So if you're interested in Mah Jongg sets, please feel free to look around and hopefully, enjoy yourself: [CLICK HERE]

... thanks for dropping by :-)
Peter Gallagher (pega@xs4all.nl)

Update History:
May/2002 - added sets on pages 5 and 6, added this intro-page.